Mover packing

An organized system to speed up packing

Sometimes it is better not to reinvent the wheel, especially when you are in mover mode packing for a move. While there are many stages to both packing and moving, it is important to spend time on each one to avoid packing disasters and mistakes which can ruin your dream of a smooth move.

Organize Before You Pack

One area that gets neglected is organizing before you pack. This is not the phase where you eliminate and discard the junk. While there will be items you discard here this is something different. This is also not the actual movement of your stuff into moving boxes. This is the process of getting things staged so you do not forget everything and you pack the boxes efficiently.

Konmari Packing

I saw a method online called the Konmari packing method. It is definitely a good framework to start staging how you will sort and pack things. The system is very simple .

Some of the tenants of this system are:

  • Set a date to organize and do it
  • Organize things into similar categories
  • Organize things by room.
  • Ask yourself, does this item make me happy. This is a different spin on whether to keep or throw out something.
  • Set out to complete the job and do it

KonMari Cheat Sheet by MakeSpace, a full-service storage company that picks up, stores, and delivers your stuff - for less than self-storage prices.


As you sort through different articles on packing with or for movers, you begin to find little gems here and there that you will add to repertoire of moving day survival tips. I saw another great gem or key packing tip at a site called organized home.

Ppacking suppliesacking notebook

The tip they had was to have a notebook or planner with you at all times. Make sure to save everything. This can include business cards, names, photos of the place you are leaving, schematics of your soon to be new location, road reports, and receipts.

mover packingPacking survival

A final tip I saw was organize your essentials into a separate area and into a separate box. These cannot get packed as you will need these right away.

And Don’t Forget Packing Means Labeling

If you have not read it already, check out the critical importance of staging and labeling with a color coding system of some kind. You will see countless articles that advise some version of color coding.

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