Senior Citizen Moving

Another incredible article on senior citizen moving talked about a real ailment faced by seniors who are moving. The ailment is called Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS) . Judging from how stressful moving is for anyone you can probably surmise that senior citizens who are moving or choosing a mover feel an even greater impact. This leads to RSS.

Senior Citizen Moving Stress And RSS

The stress of moving is typically detrimental to people of an advanced age. In many ways a  MOVE triggers deep emotional stress, resentment, and fear as their comfortable surroundings are about to change. Then of course, the physical preparation of packing boxes, choosing a mover, and actually sorting your stuff out is too much for many senior citizens who are moving or are working with a mover.

senior citizen moving southsideRelocation Stress Syndrome

Relocation Stress Syndrome or RSS is a medical condition that affects the psychological and physical being of a person in any of the stages of moving planning. This could be triggered by the decision you HAVE to move. This could be searching for moving labor to help you prep for moving day. This could be the physical task of packing boxes, or pulling tape. In a nutshell it is a mountain of stress putting pressure in intense doses on anyone caught in the moving process.

Movers, moving, mean stress for ANYONE, Senior Citizen or not

Just a reminder how serious mover or moving stress is. Imagine the first time you found out you HAD to move. Was it a happy feeling? Did you think about the endless number of chores it would require to get ready. How about the joys of picking a moving company, mover, or labor to help you move? The cost of a move never fills anyone with mirth either. And these three questions come at the start. Imagine the dread of packing and actual moving day.

At any age, what I described above means an abundance of stress that could damage your body and could affect your mental health. RSS is a real thing. But if you combine the moving planning syndrome with age, then you have a potentially dangerous combination.

Senior Citizen Moving in Virginia Beach: The First Steps

There is no set solution. There is also no way to go over everything you can or need to do here. Here are some moving day first steps for your senior mom, dad, uncle, grandma or friend.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Do not view this as a chore to get done. These are real thinking, breathing feeling people who are probably living in a place they have lived at for decades. This means emotional pain, feelings of loss, fear and hopelessness. Do not ever forget this as you assist in this mover process.

Set A Long Planning Cycle for the Moving Day Experience

Plan way ahead and make the process of planning and moving stretch out over a longer than normal period of time.gerard owner of hercules moving hampton roads

Take it Slow and Don’t Rush The Move

Rushing and senior moving do not mix. Do not try to accelerate this process. Take this slow and plan for a long process of planning and walking them through what you plan to do and what you are doing. Your support will build their comfort level and may ease their strain.

We Are Here To Help You Move In Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth Or The Southside

We  have decades of experience in moving in the Southside, the Beach, or Hampton Roads. Hercules Moving would love to sit down with you and go over the practical moving steps you need to take and how to control costs without letting the stress overwhelm you.