The Cold Hard Truth Of The Office Move

I remember a few corporate office moves myself. Somewhere in the office, maybe even in more than one place is a room that time forgot. It is filled with out of date office equipment, copiers, remnants of old computer systems. On top of that it will probably have lingering items from meetings and picnics long ago, that you DID NOT ever use again. There might be unused lamps, or office chairs no one wants. My question to you is:

  • Do you really want this in the new office?

A few better questions might be

  • Do you really NEED this in the new office?
  • Is it worth paying extra money to ship it and store it?

I hope the answer to these questions is no. If it is no continue reading.

WMF_New_Office_pre-move_017-300x225Office Move Means Tax Break

Just like with a personal move, the junk is piling up. You will never use it again, and it is time to chuck it. If the term chuck it is too mundane think of this as eliminating dead or worthless assets. In fact start photographing and categorizing the items for donation to a number of worthwhile charities. I will go out on a limb and guess these items are well pass the point of being able to depreciate them, so donate and get that tax break.

office move pricingOrganize The Office Move De-clutter team

I wish there was only one junk room to contend with in the office move. Unfortunately, pockets of junk haunt departments. I would make sure to task the department chief or someone in each department to find and clear out items that are obsolete. Have them work with people in their department to find items at the individual desks and cubicles that fit this. These things, like the office equipment will stand out. Pictures, folders, and books on topics that are of no interest are a waste. Throw them out. That conference you went to 2006 and never once looked at the binder when you got back…throw it out.

office movePack rats And Office Moving Protocol

There are people who cannot throw away anything in the office. This same pattern probably haunts them at home. It is a form of security and reassurance. In this case you may have to play along and let them bring their warehouse full of papers. It is probably stressful enough that they are moving. Yes, this is probably unhealthy, but you are there to facilitate a smooth efficient move, not provide mental health services or judge someone who needs them.

A Pack rat Strategy For Office De-cluttering

Do this gingerly but maybe you can ask the pack rat to pack up non company items and take them home so they can store them safely. As long as the items are not too cumbersome and they use the proper form and technique to transport them, it is a reasonable request. Many will go for the idea of preserving them at their home and this reduces your total bulk for the move. Maybe you can suggest they leave them at the house, but again, I wouldn’t push too hard. This are by no means the only keys to De-cluttering in preparation for the new office move. It is a good start and a chance to dump things that are just taking up space.

Planning An Office Move Or Thinking About One

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