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virginia beach moverVirginia Beach Mover: First Questions To Ask The Moving Company

There are a lot of questions you want to ask your Virginia Beach mover when you are making your selection for your trip from the Oceanfront, Dam neck, Oceana, or further inland. The number of questions could go on forever. Here are a few key ones to start the process.

The moving company and your friends

This is a basic question but one that can save you a lot of time when you are in the vetting process of selection. The question is:

  • Has this moving company moved any of your other friends in or out of Virginia Beach,Chesapeake, or Hampton Roads?

Don’t overlook it

This may seem like an obvious question but ask somebody that you know and trust who has used one of these local movers in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake ,Greenbrier, or Oceanfront area who can give you a really honest opinion about using them. Many online reviews and awards are accurate. But there is no guarantee. A friend is more likely to tell you the way things really are. Plus they know you and probably know some of the preferences you have.

Perfection with your mover: A Word Of Caution

This might seem silly but I have met no perfect moving companies in Virginia Beach or Chesapeake or Norfolk or anywhere else on earth. Moving is a highly fluid thing and you have to be willing to just accept it’s not going to go exactly as you planned. That is OK. But if you must have a question, Here it is:

Are there any perfect moving companies or movers in Virginia Beach Virginia?

Word to the wise there are probably no perfect movers as there are no perfect moving companies or perfect anything. But there are certain things that you can bank on to help you select a moving company wherever you’re coming out of Virginia Beach weather its an apartment move around town or a trip to the other end of Virginia. There are certain basic things you can look for with any business that will help you make a good choice but not all of these are just exclusive to moving companies or movers. Some are really just general business questions.

First Call To the Mover Questions

Thus, here is a battery of questions to ask yourself in the selection process for your move are:

  1. Who answered the phone on your first call to the moving company?
  2. Were they friendly?
  3. Were they professional?
  4. Was it a call center?
  5. Did they quickly get you to the decision maker or did you get the pass around?
  6. What was your overall feeling about the call?
  7. Did you eventually deal with an owner, or just non decision makers?

Wow those are a lot of questions but they are big ones. You can tell a lot about a moving company, or any organization, by the way they answer the phone. If they are rude, move on. If they fumble you through multiple people, move on. If it is a call center take note since some are good and some are not. Now the owner question has special meeting

Virginia Beach Moving: Are you dealing with the owner?

This is big. An owner knows the moving business better than anyone else. They know the equipment. They have tons of experience moving to and from Virginia Beach. They can make important decisions for you on the fly. They can work with you since they are the top of the chain of command. These can be huge as you work out the details of the move and cost.

Virginia Beach Mover Benefit: Dealing Directly with the Hercules Moving Ownermoving services virginia beach

At Hercules moving in the City of Virginia Beach, you deal directly with you the owner Gerard.

Another group of questions to ask your mover before they pull up in front of your Kempsville home or the Naval Base are:

  • What is your reputation?
  • Have you won any awards?

These are big as you’ve got to be good to get voted a good mover. People are already very stressed because of a move so unless their top shelf then I can give you a good review. Hercules has been voted one of the best movers in Virginia Beach.

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