Virginia Beach Renter Beware: Lease Fine Print To Look Out For

renter rightsProtection For Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads Renters

Avoid the dread of signing a bad rental contract. Here are some tips I pulled from an article to help you know what to look out for. By no means does this cover every rental scam you need to watch out for. It is however a good start.

  • Agreeing to the apartment in whatever condition it is
  • Being responsible for all repairs
  • Anything that causes you to waive a right
  • Avoid Landlord over privilege including:
    • Entering the apartment at any time
    • Changing the lease at will
    • No out clauses for special circumstances
    • Landlord is absolved of any responsibility for any reason
    • Any special fees beyond a REASONABLE security deposit

Virginia Beach renter rightsKnow your renter rights

Resources: here is a link to excerpted resources from the VHDA. Read them…read them again. Print them and have them on hand. Protect your rights. Landlords will try to take advantage of you. It is unfortunate but true.

Renter Rights Virginia Beach

Warnings For Hampton Roads Renters


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