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boxes moving company virginia beachLooking for a Virginia Beach mover? Well before you start here are some tips from one of the best Virginia Beach movers, Hercules moving company in Virginia Beach, that will least get you started and help make your process a lot easier. Please keep in mind we do offer free estimates and would love to give you one. But the information here is free to help you regardless of who you choose for your move from Virginia Beach to wherever.

Getting Moving Boxes: Don’t Leave Virginia Beach Without Them

When you think about having to move from your Virginia Beach home, condo, apartment, base or rental you probably feel overwhelmed with a million things to do. That is normal. But here is one area you may overlook until very close to the time to move. This task is getting boxes.

Virginia Beach Moving 101: Scoring the boxes

Whether you use a professional mover or not you will want to pack some things yourself or even take some things yourself. That means you are going to have to get creative and become a box finding machine. Here are some places to start this endeavor:

The Office

Every office has boxes. Office supplies, books, manuals, equipment are getting shipped in boxes. Go the office manager and ask for them. They are there for the taking.


Ask the librarian if there are extra boxes from the masses of books that ship in and out.

Know someone who works retail?

Retailers always have extra boxes. Ask that friend you know who works there to see if they can get you some

Have a friend who works at a restaurant?

Guess what–there are supplies coming in all the time. Ask that friend who works there to commandeer some boxes for you.

Your Pharmacist

If you are like me you see the pharmacist, at the drug store a lot. Ask them if you can have some extra boxes

Pacrat Friend or relative

We all know someone that is a junk magnet. See if you can take some of those boxes off their hands. They probably won’t even know they are gone

Garage Sales

Hey why not. They have lots of stuff they brought out. They sold some. Now there are some boxes.

Your Facebook feed

Remember that community of people you see on your Facebook feed. Put out a post that asks them for boxes. For many of us this feed connects to people at our jobs, churches etc. Don’t overlook this resource.

virginia beach dumpster divingDumpster Diving

Really it is as gross as it sounds. I would not call this my first choice but liquor stores have some very well designed boxes for the taking. In fact, don’t do this one unless you are really desperate. Well if you are that desperate, bite the bullet and call Hercules Moving. We have fresh non dumpster boxes and your health is important.

There are a lot more ways you can get boxes. This is a good start. As far as moving get a free estimate by the Hercules Moving Company in Virginia Beach.

Choosing the best Virginia Beach mover or moving company

Naturally we here at Hercules moving of Virginia Beach are a little biased. But we have one awards and focus on our customers and our real people willing to work with you both in ways to save money on your move and also make your move as stress-free as possible. That is why our motto is leave the swearing to us.. and let me tell you there are no truer words when it comes to moving.


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