Selecting A Rental Company For Movers

As promised I have placed a link to a great article on renter tips for selecting a mover which are pertinent to renters in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Hampton Roads. Here is a quick summary of some of the tips

Quick Renter Selection Tips Summary

  • Start planning, packing and preparation WAY IN ADVANCE
  • Set a plan to purge the junk out of your life
  • Stack plates on their sides
  • Don’t rule out using a rental “pod” to just put your stuff in and have a truck deliver to a location (sounds like it could get a little messy but to each their own)
  • Wrap breakables in clothes
  • Remember the rule of gravity: pack the heaviest stuff on the bottom of the box, the lighter on the top
  • Use clear containers for items you want to use right away at the new location

Original Article Link


Bonus: Video Packing Tips From Kate Mckinney

I saw this on Youtube and it seems like a good resource


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