packing for moveA big part of packing for a move is not just packing. A good packer knows you have to make sure not to make packing mistakes that waste space and time. Thus “great” packing for moving day begins long before the arrival of the moving van or the moving truck. Here are some tips to help you make you the most effective furniture or mover or packer you can be. Maybe it is not an honor you wanted, but the right strategy will eliminate a lot of stress.

Pack Good By Packing Less

Good packing means throwing out stuff you do not need. On packing days any extra labor of grabbing junk, putting it in a box, adding packing material, taping the box, color coding the box, moving the box on the truck and of course unpacking it, is not going to be fun. Ask yourself five questions about any item you cannot figure out whether to pack, sell, or donate:

  1. Will you ever use this item again?
  2. Is it a duplicate?
  3. Is it an inherently valuable item?
  4. Does it work?
  5. If you had to could you replace it?

I would bet true junk would not pass this test consisting of these questions. You just need to be realistic about whether you really need it or not. Some of the items I have seen lingering in houses and ended up in the hands of the packer are:

  • A phone book from an area 8 hours away
  • Clothes the family had outgrown
  • Clothes infested by bugs
  • A broken toaster
  • A coat with a dead mouse in it
  • A pig fetus in a jar (really)

And on and on…

Do yourself a favor: donate it, sell it, or toss it.

Packing Virginia BeachNow you are ready to Pack For Moving Day

Before you pack, package, tape….

I saw a great article about how the military packs and moves.The military is all about packing,moving, and shipping. It is not glamorous but that is what austere terms like logistics and deploy mean. Essentially they have to get their equipment and supplies to different places around the world.

Armies have had to do this since there were armies. Needless to say, they are very good at it. And their lessons will help you and me with our moves and packing routine.

As an organization which has done this forever one initial tip stood out. The tip..

Before you pack, package, tape, box, load, unload or move have a place to lay everything out
That is going in the box.

Leave a big open space to do this. Before you grab the first item to wrap, pack, and load, have the items laid out so you can see them. This will be a sort of big picture view of what is going in the box. This is a much better system than just wrapping and boxing mindlessly. You can make a mental place of how to organize it, sort of like seeing the forest for the trees. View this place as the assembly area and set aside a place in your house or apartment to do this.

In fact I say take it a step further, have multiple assembly areas. Just make sure you know you have stuff to be packed in these set aside areas. Maybe have one for each floor

Packing means packing material

Packing material could be classified as bubble wrap, foam, rolled up newspaper and more. But I say add socks, old clothes, old blankets and any fibrous soft material you can find to reduce your need for mountains of packing material. It is also a great way to harmonize items that can be packed together with a benefit besides just transportation.

Getting FREE Packing Material

As a furniture and moving packer you have to have packing material. Naturally purchasing anything adds up. So just like moving boxes there are ways to get it for FREE. Yes packing material for FREE