office moveOf greatest importance to the office mover or the office moving process is planning. The reason for planning is  that one of the most critical elements of an office move that can get away from you is time. Office or commercial moves mean endless numbers of items, tasks, and contingencies. To believe things will go perfect, and that you will arrive in your new office without a single bead of sweat on your forehead is not just a fairy tale, it is downright dangerous to not be ready for anything on office relocation day

Being An Office mover and moving mean you must plan early

Part of the way to manage time in a commercial or office move is to plan early. If you have relocated the office before you know what that means. If this is office relocation move number one, you better start asking questions, recruiting help, and researching your options.

corporate relocation servicesAsking the right questions before a successful relocation

Do you really need to move?

This may seem silly but maybe you could renegotiate that lease or business arrangement. Maybe it is an unnecessary expense. Just evaluate this as office moves can be  costly in time, money, and sanity.

Is this the right time of year to move the office?

Maybe this is the busy time when you get most of your revenue and moving could be detrimental to that.

Do I feel comfortable with moving right now?

Sometimes good old gut instinct is trying tell you something. Just review your intuition. This with solid information and good planning will pay off for you.

packing the officeAre there any problems that could be solved that would take away the need to move?

I am not against moving. But do not do it unless it makes financial and logistical sense. Give us a call at Hercules Moving and we will go over the things you need to do for a successful corporate move.

Is my move connected to something positive or negative?

Maybe you are in a spat with the leasing company over terms or maybe you are moving to be closer to that critical supplier you need for your project. These are important things to consider.

Is the move going to put a strain on revenue?

Don’t forget that at the end of the day you have to make a profit. If you are incurring financial strain this could negatively impact your whole business.

Is the move tied to company marketing goals and objectives?

Always a good question to ask.

Will the move improve some aspect of the business?

This is not rhetorical. Why do it if it has no value.

office moving costWhat financial benefits will the company glean from the move?

Are you getting a cheaper lease, or lower transportation costs. Make sure you are benefiting from the actual move.

Will the move be received well by employees?

Hey you do not want a mutiny on your hands. Make sure they are involved at some capacity.

Is management pushing for the move or is it a universal desire of the entire staff?

Have you overgrown the space?

You can always go cubicle if you really do not want to move or have the space reapportioned.

Do you have too much space and feel it is detrimental to your company culture?

Perhaps too much space is keeping inter company communication to a minimum which effects the flexibility of operations.

Looking for an office mover in or around Virginia Beach?

Look no further. Hercules Moving is equipped for the special requirements of a corporate office move.

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