Moving From Virginia Beach In Bad Weather

I have never met anyone who liked to move, good weather, bad weather, or anything in between. I have met people who were excited to go to a new place but the actual packing, loading, and unloading does not fill people with joy. Add bad weather to the mix and some people get a feeling of dread. But it does not have to be that way.

I saw an incredible article on how to manage the cold weather moving experience. It was filled with practical tips that can help you turn that feeling of dread into a productive successful move.

The article came from a blog called Movingal and seemed like a great starting point. Here is a summation of the tips and how to apply them to your move:


The last thing you need on a rainy, snowy, or nasty move in day is bumping and tripping over various objects. Create a simple path that is free from divots, holes, puddles etc. If the weather could get icy, add sand. Wear shoes that are appropriate for a move. Boots or very supportive tennis shoes are not a bad idea to help reduce strain on your back or ankles.


Put down cardboard sheets to protect those floors. Nasty weather and the flooring of your beautiful home do not mix.

Preferred Paths

I would limit the number of access and egress points to minimize exposure of your new home to the elements as people and movers are coming in and out.

Layers Of Clothing

bad weather move chesapeakeTwo forces are at work in this bad weather moving scenario. One is inclement weather like rain, snow, extreme heat or cold, or worse. The other is the exertion of going back and forth moving things into the home. You are going to go through a wave of hot cold hot cold etc. Layer your clothes so you can take things on and off as this happens. Also have a change of clothes ready to go, you never know.

Take Care

Have lots of water and temperature appropriate beverages on hand. Also schedule rest times and get lots of sleep the night before. Finally, don’t forget breakfast. You need to start getting that energy level boosted right away.

Even more tips

Plan way ahead

Moving day is not great day to think up contingency plans. Have your route plans. Review your what ifs. This includes everything from transportation to toiletries for your first night in the new house, condo, or apartment.

Get help

We live in a do it yourself culture. Everywhere you look there are shows and tools giving you the secrets to build and fix anything. Maybe with moving that is not such a great idea. If you can afford labor to help you pack or load, do it. Definitely hire someone to drive the moving truck. These nuances can reduce stress immensely and won’t kill your budget.hampton roads moving in bad weather

Cash in those favors

If you are going the do it yourself route start cashing in on those favors with people the minute you know you are moving. The more the merrier in terms of getting everything in your new place as quickly as possible and getting you out of the weather as quickly as possible.

Start the junk shedding process now

When in doubt, chuck it out. That trinket that was sitting in the drawer forever isn’t worth additional time in the rain or snow. Get rid of it before the move and downsize as much as possible.

The Right State of Mind

Plan early and take everything one step at a time. Break the process into manageable stages and it will not be as emotionally overwhelming.

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