Let’s face it – moving is a time-consuming process. Everyone knows the importance of packing boxes carefully, but what about your furniture? Preparing your furniture for the move ahead can make a big difference, but it’s tempting to skip this step when you’ve only got a limited amount of time and hope that everything makes it without a scratch.

Our professional movers can assist you with that extra step, saving you the stress and preventing the risk of damage to your furniture. Hercules Moving employees are experienced and safety trained and our company is licensed and insured, providing expert help you can trust. Whether you want to protect upholstery, antiques, or fragile items you can count on Hercules Moving to get the job done!

Hiring professionals to pack and prepare your furniture for your move can save you a big headache and prevent the risk to your wallet by ensuring your belongings arrive damage-free.

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Packing Service

We pack and unpack valuable and fragile items before and after your move. We save you time so you can focus on what’s important.


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Furniture Wrapping

Trust the experts and let us put our experience to work! We take the stress out of moving by making sure everything arrives safely without a scratch.

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Moving Supplies

FREE delivery of moving supplies and moving boxes on your order of $75 and more. We deliver moving boxes right to your door at no charge.




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Furniture Wrapping

Here’s how we keep furniture protected during the move:

  • Do you know how useful plastic sandwich bags, blank stickers, and permanent markers are? They all come in handy when you’re disassembling items like tables, bookshelves, cribs, and other furniture in your home. Nuts, bolts, and washers go in a plastic bag, which can then be taped to the underside of a piece of furniture. For items that have a lot of individual components, use stickers to label each item so you can easily assemble the furniture again.
  • Apply wax to fine woods to prevent scratches. Wax also helps your wood furniture look newer and cleaner, and we all know that’s always a good thing!
  • If you have musical instruments or need to move firearms, it is always wise to hire professional local movers to assist in moving these items safely. Hercules Moving provides safe and professional piano and gun moving services to our customers.
  • Put pillows and coverings in plastic bags. Make sure to fasten the bags so debris and dirt can’t get in.
  • Wrap important furniture with blankets or bubble wrap for extra protection.

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