The Art Of Getting Rid Of Unwanted Items Before You Sell or Buy a Home In Virginia Beach

moving_and_selling_home_virginia_beachI have never met anyone, here in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, or abroad that doesn’t get excited about the day they sell their home and they day the pick that beautiful new home. On the same accord, I have never met anyone that “likes” to move. In fact the mention of the word move causes some people to cringe in fear. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few simple moving tips you can use, whether you are coming to Virginia Beach or moving away that deal with the issue of Pacratitis.

Pacratitis at the beach

No this is not a digestive condition or medical condition affecting the people of Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. Some of us tend to accumulate stuff as we stay in one place. Moving day preparation brings that to an end. That doesn’t make it any easier to pack it up. For those of us that may or may not be accused of being hoarders or pacrats, here are few things you want to do.

Step 1 Online Sales

You can initially try to sell your items on Ebay or other low cost listing sites. You will see a ton of these on sites like Facebook. Use them, what have you got to lose.

Step 2 Garage Salemoving_day_tips_norfolk

Hold a garage sale or two. Remember, if you don’t sell it you gotta carry it. And you don’t need it. That is the one thing you have to keep telling yourself.

Step 3: Garage Sale Leftovers

You may find your sitting on some unsold junk. The next step is to take it to Goodwill or the Salvation army. You can then deduct these items off your taxes.

Step 5: Offer On Craigslist

Place the item on the giveaway section of your local Craigslist. I have always thought this was a little sketchy. Just put in the notice that the item is on the curb waiting. This might put your potential junk adopter at ease while keeping a safe distance between you and them.

Step 6: The Curb

This is something you can do to make sure that bed frame or pile of plastic tubs has a good home. Put it on the curb before trash day. Many collectors drive around and make a habit of reusing and recycling that which we throw away.

Step 7: Trash It

Come on. If you have gone through steps  1 to 6 you have to figure it is time to part with the item. It is hard to throw things away. I mean you may actually may fix that toaster or glue that broken pot…but it is not likely.  Chuck it!

Getting Rid Of Stuff Before That Move Out Of Virginia Beach: Part 2

There are extremes in every direction. Listed above are what to do to help you part with things you don’t need before you leave Virginia Beach or Norfolk.  Here are some items that got thrown away around the country that kind of boggle the mind. This is a little humorous from our perspective. To those who threw out their nest egg or left something really important, not so much.

5 crazy things people have thrown out

  • an actual dumpster
  •    Furniture with thousands of dollars in it
  •    Rare Coins
  •    Explosives and Firearms
  •    Rare Comics

Ways To Prevent Throwing Out Or Forgetting Important things

First Define what is important

Valuable Items

Obviously if something has financial value it is important. Coins, currency, checks, comics, credit cards, or the like is something you need to account for.

Dangerous Items

Things that are dangerous are important in the sense you do not want them falling into the wrong hands. Firearms or old records need to be accounted for.

Gigantic Items

These need to be disposed of properly. Don’t put an item over 2 tons in a dumpster. Big bulk things you don’t want need to be removed by you unless you have made arrangements to leave them with the new owner.

Second Check Everywhere

I will explain what I mean by check everywhere. CHECK EVERYWHERE. Check every piece of furniture. Check every drawer. Check behind the drawers. Check between mattresses. Any container that has an opening…check it. Check everything in the garage including old bags and boxes. Shake it,smash it,drag it,ruffle it, check under it..multiple times. Check everything in the fridge especially old containers. Do the same with the bathroom, the closets, garage, attic storage and everywhere in between.

Third Check your records for non tangibles

Make sure you don’t have items in storage or a safety deposit box. Review your records and bills to make sure you do not have records or valuables in them. Better safe than sorry.

Leave The Swearing To Us

Moving is stressful. Hercules moving can help you with that. We can go over what you need and work with you on a plan that helps you move without breaking a sweat. Just contact us for a quote.

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